The Catalyst program is an exclusive network of 100+ high-impact, high-performing organizations that are making a real difference in their communities. Through the Catalyst Program, we invest in the success of these organizations with both financial and human capital resources to assess the health of their organization and establish the conditions needed for effective and sustainable growth and scale.

The program offers a vibrant, active, and engaged community of proven leaders that collaborates on projects and initiatives, replicates the successes of others, and creates systemic changes that drive organizational effectiveness.

Each cohort is an intimate community of 12-16 select organizations that participate in a six-month program where we go beyond traditional consultative approaches and help apply business principles to the social sector to help rethink the way problems are solved.



Selection into the Catalyst Program is highly selective, and organizations undergo an extensive screening and research process before we invite them to participate.

When making investment decisions for the Catalyst Program, we carefully consider the following:

Social Impact. We weigh the breadth and depth of an organization’s current impact on the beneficiaries they serve, evaluate the market opportunity, and assess potential long-term reach and social impact. We focus on organizations that are working toward long-term, transformational change.

Scalability. We are looking for organizations that have a desire to grow or deepen their impact. We work with a range of organizations that are in varying stages of size, age, and maturity.

Culture and Organizational Health. We evaluate each organization’s growth potential by assessing their business culture, leadership, operational maturity, financial health, reputation, and governance.


We are actively looking for organizations with a proven and established model for transforming lives and are eager to find collaborative solutions to the biggest social problems of our time. Through our own research, the referrals of trusted partners, and applications on our website, we identify and evaluate hundreds of organizations on a rolling basis.

Our process includes the following:

1. Informational Phone Call

2. Application Is Submitted

3. After reviewing the application, an in-person meeting or site visit may be scheduled to continue to assess an organization.

4. Summary report is created and reviewed by a selection committee.

5. Selection decision is determined, and organization is notified of the outcome.

There are three potential outcomes of being considered for the Catalyst Program: acceptance, deferral or decline.

Acceptance into the Catalyst Program means participating in the next Catalyst cohort.

Deferral means we do not have current capacity to accept an organization but will consider the organization for a future cohort.

Decline means that the opportunity to partner is not currently available.

You may also contact your Partnership Development Manager for guidance at any point during the process.