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 I moved to Las Vegas with the hope of a prosperous life…I immediately found myself enamored with the promise of easy money made in the casinos. I won $5000 within an hour of sitting at a slot machine, and wound up chasing the dream of easy money very quickly. Soon, I was losing more than I’d won…I wrote bad checks and committed credit card fraud to feed my gambling addiction which created a vicious cycle that eventually landed me in prison, at Florence McClure Women’s Correctional Facility  where I spent 2,976 days….and I will never forget that number!

I was referred to Hope for Prisoners by God Behind Bars, and it is here that I shed the stigma of “felon,” and began to dream again. This time however, my dreams include enjoying freedom…the freedom to make the right choices. Now, I’ve hit some bumps along the way, but I have learned to fight the “enemy in me” with my overflowing toolbox John and this program have provided. At our Friday night graduation, I met a man named Fred who set me up with a job interview with AGR Group. I interviewed on Monday and started on Tuesday, and am still there after 14 months. I was able to find an affordable apartment, and my next goal is a car! I have a wonderful support system, and that “enemy” is growing smaller daily!

Graduates, my advice to you is to take your overflowing toolbox with you wherever you go. It’ll become second nature to you to use and prove to be invaluable! And be patient with yourself….your “Vivid Vision” will become a reality in no time at all!