Courtney LundOperations Specialist

Courtney Lund is the Operation’s Specialist with Hope for Prisoners, which includes managing the flow of the workplace and optimizing day-to-day activities. Courtney believes everyone deserves another chance at making the “rest of their life the best of their life”. She believes in the role HOPE for Prisoners has in assisting people to become leaders in the community and become stable, self- sufficient members of society, and to ultimately never re-offend again.

Previously, Courtney has worked for a residential mental healthcare provider, assisting those with developmental disabilities. Courtney has a Bachelor’s degree from UNLV in Psychology & Criminal Justice and will earn her Master’s degree in March of 2019 in Criminal Justice through National University. Courtney began her journey at HOPE for Prisoners in October 2017 through mentorship. Helping others inspires her and she is happy to be a part of a team that truly wants to make a difference in people’s lives. Personally, she enjoys rescuing pugs and has been a part of the Southern Nevada Pug Rescue. She currently owns three adorable pugs of her own. Courtney is very dedicated to completing her degree and using it in the best interests for HOPE for Prisoners.