John “Jack” Martin – DirectorDirector of Clark County Juvenile Justice Services

    Director of Clark County Juvenile Justice Services
    Director Jack Martin of the Clark County Department of Juvenile Justice Services has served over three decades in law enforcement, both in the adult and juvenile arenas.   Mr. Martin began his career in California before transitioning to both Arizona and Hawaii as a subject matter expert to assist the State’s successfully rebuild their troubled youth correctional systems.    Mr. Martin moved to Nevada in 2009 as the Chief of the Youth Parole Bureau and most recently accepted the position as the Director over the Department of Juvenile Justice Services.   Mr. Martin earned his degrees in Criminal Justice Administration and Communications, is a national speaker for operational issues surrounding cultural change initiatives, is a certified gang expert, suicide prevention consultant in relation to physical plant renovations and operational procedures, and an expert in designing and teaching necessary classes for all working in the justice system, whether adult or juvenile.

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