Lois HockersmithCase Manager

To compassionately engage and coach clients towards successful reentry in to the community in order to be productive citizens and to gain the knowledge and desire to so. My goal is to support clients in all aspects of reentry  including employment, and family reunification where possible and to make them aware of all resources availble to do so.

Previous Roles / Employers
2012 Hope for Prisoners Graduate
4 years as a Corporate Trainer and Escalations Specialist at 411 Locals


Personal Interests
hanging out with my 5 year old son, amusement parks, scary movies and AA

What Inspires You? 
I’m inspired by  taking risks. I love to start things I don’t know  how to finish, witnessing people go for something new, and watching them achieve what they never thought possible. I’m inspired by the people who are watching me.  I am inspired by my failures and the valuable lessons I have learned from them and last but not least, I am inspired by the  hope and possibility that I had as a small child.