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Dr. Ron Webb

Dr. Ron Webb is the pastor of the Mt. Calvary Powerhouse Church in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.  Pastor Webb has been in the ministry for over 35 years.  He attended Three Rivers Community College in Poplar Bluff, Missouri. He majored in Business Administration and was a former “Raider” basketball player.  He earned a Bachelor of Theology from the International College of Bible Theology, and a Master’s of Pastoral Studies and a Doctorate of Theology from Midwest Theological Seminary.  


The unique ministry of Dr. Ron Webb is evident as he is anointed in the area’s leadership and church government.  Dr. Webb has been considered by many to be “A Pastor To Pastors”.  His ministry is centered around “Restoration” and “Racial Reconciliation” and a sincere belief that we must “Reach the Lost at Any Cost”.  His preaching and teaching focuses on empowerment and hope.  He often says that church is where you go, but ministry is what you do outside the walls of the church.  He believes that with God all things are possible!  Dr. Webb has always had a heart for the lost “Give me the heathen for my inheritance”.  Many outreach ministries have been birthed to address the unmet needs of the church and local community.


Dr. Webb is the C.E.O. and President of the S.E.M.O. Christian Restoration Center, a center for individuals who might need a second chance on life.  He is the founder and a lead instructor of “School of the Prophets Bible College” in Poplar Bluff, Missouri.  He is also the founder of the Heartland Family Center, an emergency shelter for families, an outreach ministry that was founded in 2007.  The Heartland Family Center is owned and operated by the Mt. Calvary Powerhouse Church.  Covenant Ministries is another ministry that was designed by Dr. Webb to advance God’s Kingdom by providing a fellowship in which men and women of God find mutual encouragement, edification, counsel, and participate in leadership and ministerial training. Dr. Webb serves as the Bishop of Covenant Ministries.  He is a sought-after speaker, who has ministered the gospel of Christ both national and internationally, including Canada, Haiti, Russia, Jamaica, and England.  Dr. Webb is active in the community and has served on both local and state level boards, including being a member of the National Faith Leaders.  


Dr. Webb is an accomplished writer who has authored several books on leadership and racial reconciliation, including “Leadership from Behind the Scenes” and its companion workbook. This book focuses on challenges of Leadership, a must read for anyone in a leadership role. “Destroying the Roots of Racism”, where he invites us to be a part of the solution and urges those hurt by racism not to let the adversity destroy their character, but instead let it define their character.  “Exposing the Enemy from Behind the Scenes” (a sequel to Leadership from Behind the Scenes) to equip both established and emerging leaders to recognize the spirits that have infiltrated the church and stunted kingdom advancement.  “Leadership Lessons: Things I Wish They’d Told Me” a minister’s manual full of information and examples that will help new leaders to navigate challenges and move forward into their ministry.  “Single & the Right Way to Mingle” reveals ways on how to date God’s way, prepare singles for marriage, how to get to core issues of the heart, finances, wholeness and more.  “Shaking Hands with Wisdom” Most people misunderstand mentorship; it takes real time and real work!  Shaking Hands with Wisdom is an essential tool for anyone who wants to learn about mentorship.  It is packed with real-life stories, practical tools and application exercises that highlight how a strong mentoring relationship has the capacity to transform lives.  The authors offer biblical concepts about how mentorship fits with the purpose of God and builds strong leaders.  His latest book “Scar Wars”

remind us of earlier wounds that healed but left living testimonies of circumstances and events that we endured and survived. Jesus has the most impactful scar story of all ages. If Jesus was willing to show his scars for the edification and comfort and hope of others, and we are supposed to be like Jesus, why are we afraid to show our wounds and scars? Jesus knows what we are going through, and he knows how our scars can influence and shape our lives and futures. This book shines light on your past wounds and helps you understand how to let God use your scars to touch lives for his glory.


Dr. Webb is married to Georgia Webb and they have 3 children: Ronnie Webb Jr., Tony Webb and Jackie (Webb) Brown all of Poplar Bluff, Missouri, and 8 grandchildren.  In his leisure time, Dr. Webb enjoys fishing and playing sports.