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HOPE for Prisoners, Inc. is a registered 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that facilitates reentry and reintegration services to men, women, and young adults who are exiting various segments of the judicial system. Operating since 2009, HOPE for Prisoners was formally established as an independent non-profit organization in January 2012 after exponential growth in the reentry arena. Our holistic approach is to encourage and impart HOPE into ex-offenders as we come alongside them and their families in efforts to transform lives and systematically educate society in ways to engage and support them. The program is grounded in the belief that with the proper assistance, ex-offenders returning to the community can overcome the many barriers to successful living that the incarceration experience can create.


HOPE for Prisoners is committed to helping men, women, and young adults successfully reenter the workforce, their families, and our community.


HOPE for Prisoners works to empower returning ex-offenders and their families to create a successful future built on strategic leadership and character development.  By assisting those fighting for second chances, we strive to serve, build and strengthen our community.


Each year, thousands of men, women, and young adults are released into the community from our judicial system. Many of them lack the basic skill set and necessary know-how to become productive members of society. Many of them truly want to be productive members, but lack the insight into what that productivity looks like.

With great success, HOPE for Prisoners provides comprehensive solutions to many of these unmet needs. Our mentoring program is one of the key components to our success. During this program, we commit to come alongside these individuals and assist them in navigating the challenges they might face during the reintegration process. In doing so, we help to create positive reference points for them where reference points may have never existed.


HOPE for Prisoners serves men, women, and young adults who come from federal and state correctional facilities, local jails and rehabilitation centers, as well as those who are currently participating in specialty court programs.


HOPE for Prisoners offers each of our participants an 18-month commitment to come alongside them and help them navigate the many challenges that they will face during the reintegration process. We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive services to meet the diverse needs of our participants. At a minimum, each participant is required to complete a pre-vocational training workshop and is invited to participate in our mentoring program. Other key components to our success are our leadership training and job development services.

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  • Jon D. Ponder
    Jon D. PonderCEO
  • Angela Brookins
    Angela BrookinsOperations Manager
  • Johnny Morales
    Johnny MoralesCareer Coach
    • Jackie Doyle
      Jackie DoyleLead Case Manager
      • Sharon Smith, CMHC
        Sharon Smith, CMHCCounseling Group Facilitator
        • Lisa Marie Vasquez
          Lisa Marie VasquezDirector of Youth Empowerment Program
          • Rodney Taylor
            Rodney TaylorMentor Coordinator

            “Prior to prison I was making choices because of other people, not for myself. One day I woke up and I am here and I am changing my life. It’s giving me hope, a different perspective on life, a positive outlook.”


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            OUR TRAINERS

            • Jon Ponder
              Jon PonderTRAINER

              Jon D. Ponder is himself, an ex-offender with more than ten years experience in providing training for offender populations in correctional settings. His personal life experiences uniquely equip him to provide the guidance, direction and motivation for individuals attempting to navigate the challenges they face during the reintegration process.

              • Rosemarie DiSanza
                Rosemarie DiSanzaTrainer

                Rosemarie DiSanza is the Corporate Director of Training for Station Casinos. She has over 25 years of experience as a Leadership and Self-Development consultant.  Rosemarie is a volunteer facilitator at Hope For Prisoners and has recently designed a Personal Development Series that is an extension of our current Leadership Program. Rosemarie has a degree in Human Services and is a Certified Life Coach. She is a firm believer in not letting the past dictate one’s future and that every person deserves the opportunity for a second chance.

                • Gregg Ketter
                  Gregg KetterTRAINER

                  If the quality of one’s life is in direct proportion to his commitment to excellence, regardless of his chosen field of endeavor, then Gregg Ketter is a walking, talking example of what is possible when one lives his commitment to achieving excellence.

                  • Isabelle Parker
                    Isabelle ParkerTRAINER

                    Isabelle Parker has her Masters in Marriage and Family Therapy and practices as a licensed MFT Intern. She is also the Director of the International Wellness Center. Isabelle is a dynamic speaker who believes that God has called us to walk in freedom and wholeness. Her powerful testimony is about cancer, eating disorders, depression and finally being set free and learning to walk out her healing. Her calling is to help others break out of the things that hold them captive and learn to live free through Christ.

                    • Captain Roxanne McDaris
                      Captain Roxanne McDarisTrainer

                      Roxanne promoted to Captain in July 2015 and is currently the highest ranking female on the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. She runs the largest Patrol Area Command within LVMPD jurisdiction, the Enterprise Area Command. She continues to teach both internally to the department and externally to many community partners. She is closely involved with Hope for Prisoners as both a mentor and instructor to mentors and participants. Roxanne continues to instruct in the civilian leadership course at the department and within numerous other sections at the LVMPD.

                      • Barbara Loupe
                        Barbara LoupeTRAINER

                        Barbara Loupe is a Corporate Communicator and Image Consultant with The Winning Edge, a Las Vegas based image consulting and corporate training company. Educated in the United States with a Bachelor’s Degree in Marketing from San Francisco State University, Barbara brings us 30 years of experience in the image industry.

                        • Sergeant Anthony Packe
                          Sergeant Anthony PackeTrainer

                          Sergeant Anthony Packe, a Las Vegas native, is an 18 year Nevada law enforcement veteran, the past 15 years of which have been with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. He has worked in corrections and patrol, and spent time as a Field Training Officer and Firearms Instructor. As a detective, he worked in several specialized units, including the Property Crimes Unit, the Tourist Crimes Unit and the Counter-Terrorism Section. He spent two and half years as a Task Force Officer on the Federal Bureau of Investigation Joint Terrorism Task Force, where he conducted investigations into international terrorism threats and has worked with the Department of Homeland Security in Washington DC. He is a member of the LVMPD Crisis Intervention Team and teaches on the subject of international and domestic terrorism to law enforcement and first responders. He previously volunteered with the Narcotic Educational Foundation of Nevada as the lead instructor for the Drugs Impact Everyone victim impact panel. He is currently a patrol supervisor and has mentored with Hope for Prisoners since 2015- Sergeant Anthony Packe HFP Mentor/Trainer

                          • Officer M. Drew
                            Officer M. DrewTrainer

                            I have been a member of the Las Vegas Metro Police Department family since 1996, where I currently serve as the Clark County Detention Center Reentry Coordinator (CCDC).    My past assignments within the LVMPD have been; a Fingerprint technician, Corrections Assistant, LVMPD Correction Academy graduate, Module officer within Direct Inmate Supervision dormitories, Field Services officer and a supervising officer within the Alternatives to incarceration section (House Arrest).

                            In 2013, through my interaction with various community partners, I became acquainted with Jon Ponder and the Hope for Prisoners (HFP) program.  After seeing the dramatic change in those who graduated the workshop, as well as the impact on those who volunteer their time to be mentors, I became a member of the HFP family as well.

                            • Steve Beason
                              Steve BeasonTRAINER

                              Steve Beason was a geologist with the U.S. Department of the Interior for 35 years working primarily on dams and tunnels in the western United States. Steve has supervised teams of scientists and technicians and has trained rope access teams throughout North America. Steve left the science field in 2009 to become an associate pastor at the International Church of Las Vegas, where he works on missions, men’s ministries, and a host of other duties. Steve also serves as a chaplain with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, works with Southern Nevada Human Trafficking Task Force, and the Las Vegas Mayor’s Faith Initiative Human Trafficking Working Group.

                              • Officer Mike Martin
                                Officer Mike MartinTrainer

                                Officer Martin became a police officer with LVMPD in 2004. He routinely participates at community events. While in the South Central Community Policing Unit he participated in; Take Back the City, National Night Out, Back to school back pack drive, Easter and Halloween events, 3-on-3 youth basketball, youth P.O.W.E.R. football camp, and HOPE for Prisoners. Officer Martin believes that, by reaching out to the members in the Las Vegas Community he can understand the needs of the community first hand.

                                HOPE for Prisoners has shown that; there are people that have made mistakes in their lives for which they are not proud of and they want a second chance. HOPE teaches the participants how to improve their lives for the better and not return to custody at any level. As a participating mentor, Officer Martin has shared his experiences and helps to motivate the participants to commit to the life changes and staying on track. Officer Mike Martin HFP Mentor/Trainer

                                • Officer Ocampo Gomez
                                  Officer Ocampo GomezTrainer

                                  Officer Ocampo Gomez has been a commissioned officer with the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department since October of 2008.  He is currently assigned to Downtown Area Command where he works as the Faith based liaison officer and Fusion Liaison officer.  His focus is to assist the faith base community in order partner with law enforcement to create a stronger community.   Officer Ocampo Gomez also organizes the response for the Rebuilding Every City Around Peace (RECAP) program within Downtown Area Command.   Officer Ocampo Gomez was one of the original officers to partner with Hope for Prisoners mentor program in 2013.

                                  Officer Ocampo Gomez HFP Mentor/Trainer

                                  • Detective Cindy Williams
                                    Detective Cindy WilliamsTrainer

                                    Detective Cindy Williams was first hired onto the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department in 2004 as a civilian report taker.  She then went on to become fully commissioned Officer, moving onto the downtown Community Oriented Policing unit and currently serves as a detective in the Police Employee Assistance Program.  Community engagement and sincere care and concern for the citizens of the Las Vegas Valley is the policing she has observed for years being a part of LVMPD and jumped at the chance to be a part of reaching a population that many believe the police don’t care about, or even feel are against.  “At the end of the day, people who truly want to change deserve to have everyone rally around them, and being a part of the Hope for Prisoners mentor team gives us the opportunity to show that we have more in common than differences, we are all in this together and we just need to give each other the opportunity to get past the labels.” –Detective Cindy Williams HFP Mentor/Trainer

                                    • Betty Koebcke
                                      Betty KoebckeTrainer

                                      Betty Koebcke, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist Intern, has practiced at the International Church of Las Vegas Wellness Center for the past five years and has a Master’s Degree in Science. She also has twenty five years of service as a Courtroom Clerk in the Division of Juvenile Justice Services, Clark County, Nevada.


                                      Betty has over thirty five years of personal experience in the development of workshops and support groups.  She has effectively taught classes of all ages (including youth) for over two decades.  Her experience in relationship and marriage/family therapy utilizes insight, innovation, and focuses on problem solving. Her lifelong teaching and counseling vision is to help others grow personally and spiritually as they discover and renew their passions.

                                      • Joni Reid
                                        Joni ReidTRAINER

                                        Dr. Joni Reid is Founder and CEO of Breakthrough Mindset Coaching & Consulting, LLC. She holds a Master’s degree in Social Work and a Doctoral degree in Strategic Leadership with an emphasis on leadership coaching. She has been on an exhilarating journey of uncovering buried dreams, identifying passions, and truly stepping into her divine destiny. In addition to this, she is confident that ALL were created to live healthy and prosperous lives.

                                        • Al and Pam Waid
                                          Al and Pam WaidTRAINER

                                          Al and Pam Waid work together as a team.  Al has a business degree from Auburn University, Alabama and an M.B.A. from Georgia State University with a major in Management and a minor is Finance. In his professional career he has worked for Large and Small Corporations, Arthur Anderson C.P.A. firm, been in a Gas & Oil Partnership and owned a business. Before retiring he was the Secretary Treasure at Logan Clay Products in Logan, Ohio. However, the Good Lord blessed him in business and he was able to retire at the age of 49.

                                          Pam Waid received her LPN nursing license in 1983 and has worked for 20 years in some aspect of the medical field. Over the course of her career she has worked in Orthopedics, private duty nursing, Chiropractics plus co-owned a business and managed a retail business. Together with her husband Al,  They’ve done private financial counseling for couples/individuals for 9 years plus hosted several financial classes.

                                          • Kimberly Malloy
                                            Kimberly MalloyTRAINER

                                            Kimberly Malloy has owned and operated her own training business (Train2excel, Inc.) for 13 years, where she takes her passion for improving relationships between employees, customers and management and develops specific programs to meet the needs of organizations. Her conferences on Positive Conflict and Interpersonal Communication Skills have consistently received high marks from corporations and individuals alike. She is a licensed presenter for The Color Code Personality Profile, a program designed to help individuals understand themselves and communicate more effectively.

                                            • Jeremiah Porter
                                              Jeremiah PorterTRAINER

                                              Jeremiah Porter is the owner and operator of J.P. Maintenance and the co-owner of Finishing Touches, LLC. A native of Portland, Oregon, Jeremiah is a father of four daughters and has been married for over 10 years. Jeremiah, an ex-offender himself, knows firsthand the challenges that are faced during the reintegration process. He has overcome many obstacles on the journey to becoming a successful business owner and has a God given passion to escort other ex-offenders to walk in the newness of life. Jeremiah specializes in leadership develop and has personally worked with hundreds of ex-offenders.

                                              • Robyn Garcia
                                                Robyn GarciaTRAINER

                                                Robyn Garcia is passionate about helping others discover and walk out the dreams they have for their lives. She is a graduate of Golden Gate University with a Bachelors in Business Management. She has worked at the International Church of Las Vegas since 1993 in various departments including running the Administration team. She is a board member of International Network of Commissioned Workers and a Trainer with Hope for Prisoners. Robyn has been married to Joel since 1984 and they share 3 adult children and 2 grandchildren.

                                                HOW YOU CAN HELP

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                                                We are always looking for volunteers for a variety of positions and
                                                specialties. Please contact us at to set up an appointment to see how
                                                your life experiences might strategically fit within our organization.


                                                If you would like to become a HOPE for Prisoners Certified Reentry Mentor and help transform lives, please fill out the application on our Become a Mentor page.

                                                Partnering in Prayer

                                                Every Thursday evening a team of faithful, committed men
                                                and women come together for an hour to worship and pray for
                                                those who are currently in prison and for those who
                                                are being released. There is testimony after testimony of how God is
                                                doing amazing things in the lives of the people in this segment of our

                                                Join us from 7-8 pm at:

                                                Prayer Mountain, Upper Room
                                                3425 Cliff Shadows
                                                Las Vegas, Nevada 89129

                                                INVEST IN HOPE

                                                We are a non-profit agency that is chiefly supported by those who believe in our vision of coming alongside this segment of the population, training them up, and releasing them into their destiny. Will you join us this year? Will you consider investing in HOPE for Prisoners and becoming a monthly partner? Your contributions will assist in defraying the cost of ministering to the needs of those who want to improve their quality of life. Whether you choose to make a one-time donation or commit to a giving monthly, it is quick and easy to do — and much appreciated.

                                                Simply click here to invest in HOPE.