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Blessing the Children of Incarcerated Parents

In partnership with SOS Radio & Nevada Department of Corrections, December 11th & 12th from 5:30pm – 8:30pm.

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Parents want their children to experience the joy and comfort of Christmas. For children with incarcerated parents, they often feel forgotten. Alone. Left out.

Imagine 101 families sitting in a living room, around a freshly cut Christmas tree with cookies, gifts and stockings. Imagine these families having the rare opportunity to be joined in person by their loved one who is currently incarcerated. The chance to spend an intimate evening together as a family at a time when children need it most. Imagine the twinkling lights shining almost as bright as the smiles on the children’s faces as they enjoy a Christmas experience with a parent who they may not have seen in a very long time. THIS is HOPE for Prisoners 101 Christmases.

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Join us in illuminating the spirit of the season and making a difference by sponsoring a family for 101 Christmases. Sponsor a family for $1000 and you will bring warmth and joy to the children of incarcerated parents. To show your support, your donation will light up one of our 101 Christmas tree lights! Let’s brighten the lives of the children who need it most and ensure no family is left without the joy of Christmas. Be the light and sponsor a family today!



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