Message from our Founder & CEO Jon Ponder

“April 2020 is the “Month of Second Chances!”  An entire month to formally recognize that every person has potential and the right to every American opportunity after paying a debt to society. Approximately 1 in 3 American adults has a criminal record which can limit access to education, employment, housing and other things needed to reach their full potential.  This is an opportunity for us to bring awareness to the challenges surrounding reentry and support the national Month of Second Chances.

As founder and CEO of HOPE for Prisoners and also a formerly incarcerated person, this declaration means a great deal to me as I know it does to so many others. It is an opportunity for us to acknowledge those of us who have taken full advantage of our second chance and have made the choice to give back and create a positive impact in our respective communities and specifically for the men and women who are returning to society after us.

HOPE for Prisoners is hosting our second annual Month of Second Chances Luncheon and I would personally like to invite you to be a part of what has become a very special event for us.  On Tuesday April 21, 2020, 11am-1pm, in Las Vegas, Nevada, we will host many formerly incarcerated men and women from across our nation and recognize them for their accomplishments and create a moment for them to stand up and be counted as individuals who have returned home and not become part of the national and state recidivism numbers.”