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Month of Second Chances

At HOPE for Prisoners, we believe that every person has unbound potential. It is therefore important that we offer formerly incarcerated men and women who have served their sentences and learned from their earlier mistakes the opportunity for redemption through a second chance to become productive members of society.


National Month of Second Chances

During National Second Chance Month in April, we celebrate those who have set out to create better lives following incarceration and recommit to helping the formerly incarcerated contribute to the strength and prosperity of our community.

The purpose of Second Chance Month is to raise awareness and promote the idea that individuals who have been incarcerated deserve a second chance at becoming contributing members of society. It is a time to recognize the achievements and progress made by those who have successfully reintegrated into their communities after serving their sentences. Second Chance Month aims to advocate for policies and programs that provide support, resources, and opportunities for the formerly incarcerated to rebuild their lives, find employment, access education, and contribute positively to society.

April Events

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